What is eResearch?

What is eResearch?

A common basic definition of eResearch goes something like: “The use of advanced Information and Communications Technologies to support research.”*

eResearch Themes:

  • iLearning
  • 10 Pillars IT of iLearning

A picture of eResearch

Below is a diagram that attempts to map-out eResearch. Reading from the bottom to the top the idea is that there are some basic eResearch enablers that need to be in place.

In the middle applications layer there are some services that we all need, that are more-or less similar across disciplines, we need to be able talk to each other, have mechanisms for sharing data, and the organization needs to know about who’s doing what.

It’s well understood that a lot of eResearch services are not generic, so that’s the top cloud, where effective eResearch help needs to a be a partnership between researchers and tech-specialists (sometimes they’re the same people).

For doing collaboration we also use our own wiki that we called widuri. Widuri is the place for us to make documentation of our researches and do some collaboration as well.


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